UZH Blockchain Center

A Competence Center bringing an interdisciplinary lens to distributed trust


UZH Blockchain Center started its activities in 2017, and was formally established as a Competence Center in 2019. Since then, it has organised a wide range of academic, educational, and industry-related activities. It thus became the largest and most active academic cluster in Switzerland, a World-wide blockchain hub.


Born to coordinate and foster research in different areas, and disseminate the scientific publications


It continuously creates and extends a unique educational offering to University students and industry leaders


Being the single point of contact between UZH and peer Academic initiatives, Industry, and the community

Future Events

13 Dec | Hybrid

[IOTA Workshop] IOTA: a Lightweight Alternative to Blockchain for the Internet of Things

Luigi Vigneri & Andreas Penzkofer & Olivia Saa ...

02 Dec | 8400 Winterthur


Was steckt hinter dem Phänomen NFT? Dieser Frage wollen wir am 02. Dezember in der Aula in Winterthur im Rahmen der Expertengruppe Blockchain Techno...

The Members

The UZH Blockchain Center is composed of 22 Faculty members from two Faculties and including Informatics, Business, Economics, Finance, Regulation, Law and Complexity Science. It hosts above 40 researchers from the University of Zurich and top-scholars.



Liudmila Zavolokina’s Insights on Trust in Blockchains

Can we trust a trust-less technology? Dr. Liudimila Zavolokina, a member ofthe UZH Blockchain Center, raises this question in an article in inside-it(German). Her research shows that – despite the wide misconception thatblockchain does not require any trust anymore – trust still needs to be builtup. Trust in blockchains is influenced by three factors: understandability,responsibility […]