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[Lecture Series FS21] Towards ethical machines – the AI contribution


Prof. Abrahan Bernstein (UZH) and Suzanne Tolmeijer


Increasingly complex and autonomous systems require machines to reason about ethics to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks to society arising from the new technology. But this is a non-trivial task: even just deciding which type of ethical theory to employ and how to implement it effectively in a given application is challenging. In this talk, we (1) introduce the main ethical theories currently being applied in AI, (2) describe the decisions AI researcher make to implement these theories, and (3) which technology they use to do so. We present an analysis of the field of machine ethics as well as possible steps to further the field.


Tuesday, 23th Feb. 2021

18:00 – 20:00

Online Lecture

Via Zoom

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Prof. Abraham Bernstein

Abraham Bernstein is a Full Professor of Informatics as well as director of the Digital Society Initiative at the University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland. His current research focuses on various aspects of the semantic web, data mining/machine learning, and collective intelligence. His work is based on both social science (organizational psychology/sociology/economics) and technical (computer science, artificial intelligence) foundations. Prior to joining the University of Zurich Mr. Bernstein was on the faculty at New York University and also worked in industry. Mr. Bernstein is a Ph.D. from MIT and holds a Diploma in Computer Science (comparable to a M.S.) from the Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich (ETH).

Suzanne Tolmeijer

Suzanne Tolmeijer is a fourth year PhD student in the lab of Prof. Bernstein. She received her Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from VU University Amsterdam. Her interest lies in human centered AI, using a multidisciplinary approach to tackle socio-technical challenges. She does research in topics ranging from AI design guidelines for appropriate reliance and machine ethics to diversity in automated news recommendations.


Time Speaker Event Title Presentations
18:00 -18:05Prof. Dr Claudio TessoneWelcome & Introduction
18:05 -19:00Prof. Abraham Bernstein, and Suzanne TolmeijerTowards ethical machines – the AI contribution
19:00 -19:30Q&A
19:30 -20:00End (Apéro)


UZH Blockchain Center

Trust Square