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Convex, a paradigm shift in convergent execution

[Industry Talk Spring ’23] | [Hybrid]


By bridging blockchain concepts with novel ideas from distributed computing, Convex represents a clear departure from the status quo by pioneering Lattice Technology. From consensus to execution, we will demonstrate how this new network achieves the real-time settlement of smart contracts in unforeseen ways. One step further, we will explore how a new programming language can offer a breath of fresh air for smart contract development by borrowing ideas from the 1960’s.

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Adam Helins

Adam Helins is a Technical Director at the Convex Foundation. Programmer from an early age with a background in neuroscience, Adam has been pushing the boundaries of software engineering in the pursuit of novelty. His previous work in IoT and simulations eventually led him to focus on decentralized systems. His core goal is now to drive the Convex project towards excellence.