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The Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies Group at the University of Zurich and the IOTA Foundation have entered into a research partnership focusing on the manifold aspects of blockchain technologies. The project’s aim is to unravel the large-scale characteristics of IOTA, such as consensus, trust, wealth, and power accumulation.

IOTA, a unique distributed ledger technology designed for the Internet of Things (IoT), forms the core of the research environment. Its distinctive architecture, known as the Tangle, a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), facilitates free, swift, and scalable transactions.

The research is structured around four primary areas: data collection and analysis, consensus modelling, exploration of Mana (IOTA’s secondary token), and user identification.

The impact of this collaboration extends beyond the IOTA ecosystem, contributing valuable insights to the wider cryptocurrency field. By studying and learning from the architectural choices of established platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the partnership contributes to the evolution of IOTA. The collaboration also reinforces the University of Zurich’s commitment to advancing the growing field of blockchain technologies, stimulating innovation and fostering business opportunities within appropriate regulatory boundaries.