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PleBeuS: a Policy-based Blockchain Selection Framework

Due to the growing interest in the blockchain (BC), several applications are being developed, taking advantage of the benefits that such technology promises to deliver, such as removal of Trust Third Parties (TTP) to verify transactions and data immutability. However, these applications require certain aspects, such as high transaction throughput or data privacy, that early BC implementations (e.g., Bitcoin) did not provide. Thus, a myriad of novel BC implementations was developed, which introduced the issue of choosing the right implementation for a specific use-case. This paper presents a framework, called PleBeuS, to address this selection issue by allowing users to specify policies that rule the automatic selection of the BC that data will be stored. The selection process relies on a cost-aware approach and considers both public and private implementations and their technical characteristics. Moreover, PleBeuS communicates with a BC-agnostic interoperability API to enforce transactions. The evaluation of the PleBeuS prototype showed that it is possible to automatically select a BC-based on user policies, considering cost thresholds and technical details (e.g., BC throughput, deployment), and reduce manual interaction.