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UZH Season’s Greetings ’22 – An NFT Experience

Date: 01.12.2022
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Transaction Fee Mechanism Design

[Lecture Series Antumu 22] | 13.12.2022 | 18:30 – 20:30 | RAA-G-01, University of Zürich, Rämistrasse 59, 8006 Zürich
Date: 28.11.2022
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DAO Symposium 2022

Tuesday, 29 Nov. 2022
Date: 07.11.2022
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[Industry Talk HS22] Julius Bär: A traditional private bank engaging in digital assets

(Hybrid) 15 Nov. 2022
Date: 07.11.2022
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Rolf H. Weber has published an article on international regulations on blockchains

The article shows that current legislation is far from being harmonised and rather resemble a mosaic. Prof Dr. Rolf H.…
Date: 13.10.2022
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Cash online publishes two columns of Helmut Dietl

Prof Dr. Helmut Dietl explains in Cash online why Bitcoin is helpful to reduce the volatility of your portfolio (article…
Date: 12.10.2022
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CoinDesk Rankings ’22: UZH ranked first in Europe (and 3rd World-wide)!

We are thrilled and honoured to announce that University of Zurich has been ranked 3rd World-wide and 1st in Europe for second year in a row in the CoinDesk Best Universities for #Blockchain 2022
Date: 04.10.2022
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Radiotelevisione Svizzera features a podcast with Claudio Tessone

The podcast enters into the world of blockchain & cryptocurrencies and discovers the origins of these technologies and what prospects…
Date: 17.09.2022
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Best paper award for Burkhard Stiller and his co-authors!

The paper on “Æternum: a Decentralized Voting System with Unconditional Privacy” by Christian Killer, Markus Knecht, Claude Müller, Bruno Rodrigues,…
Date: 17.09.2022
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Christian Ewerhart wants to make crypto more secure

Professor Christian Ewerhart has founded the spin-off Blockchain Presence that builds a platform to feed data in a new fashion…
Date: 13.09.2022
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Recording: Crypto Art Conference

The memorable event on Crypto Art at Kunsthaus Zürich co-organised with the University of Zurich Art Market Studies and The Europa Institut at the University of Zurich (EIZ) was a huge success. Over 300 participants filled the auditorium of the Kunsthaus Zürich! Thanks to all the speakers for your valuable inputs on crypto art from technological, artistic, and legal perspectives.
Date: 23.06.2022
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Helmut Dietl Explains the Mechanisms of Stablecoins

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are tied to a reference value (typically the USD). They have been developed to cope with…
Date: 31.05.2022
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Meet the Media Guru Swiss Edition: Prof. Claudio Tessone

Switzerland is turning a World-wide blockchain hub, and the University of Zurich is really active in the space. Thus, UZH Blockchain Center are produce to…
Date: 11.05.2022
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New PhD positions are open: Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies group at UZH

Are you looking for a PhD position in Blockchain? Are you interested in cryptoeconomic analysis modelling, implementation of blockchain-based incentives,…
Date: 26.04.2022
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Florian Spychiger on the research project No1s1 – a house that belongs to no one but itself

Florian Spychiger, a researcher of the UZH Blockchain Center, talks with SRF Radio about No1s1. The project enhances Decentralised Autonomous…
Date: 22.03.2022
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Claudio Tessone about speculation and privacy in NFT markets

Daniel Saraga has written an interesting article on how NFTs disrupted the art market in less than a year. He…
Date: 20.12.2021
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Blockchain Presence wins 3rd place at Austrian Blockchain Award 2021

Blockchain Presence AG is an official spin-off of the University of Zurich that was founded in December 2020 and aims…
Date: 08.12.2021
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UZH ranked first in Europe (and 4thWorld-wide) in CoinDesk’s “Top Universities for Blockchain” 2021

Great to see the University of Zurich ranked first in Europe (and fourth World-wide) in CoinDesk’s “Top Universities for Blockchain” 2021.  Switzerland is in a…
Date: 01.11.2021
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Liudmila Zavolokina took part in the Podcast: “Blockchain Won’t Save the World”

Dr. Liudimila Zavolokina, a member of the UZH Blockchain Center, was one of the guests in the S2E10 of the…
Date: 09.09.2021
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Liudmila Zavolokina’s Insights on Trust in Blockchains

Can we trust a trust-less technology? Dr. Liudimila Zavolokina, a member of the UZH Blockchain Center, raises this question in…
Date: 16.08.2021
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Rolf H. Weber Publishes an Article on the Liability Issue in Blockchain Transactions

Who is liable in blockchain transactions? Prof. Dr. iur. Rolf H. Weber tackles this intricate topic in an article published in German…
Date: 03.08.2021
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Helmut Dietl on Staking Ether

Staking Ether can be attractive for long-term investors as Prof. Helmut Dietl explains in his cash column. You can read…
Date: 12.07.2021
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Registration Open: Deep Dive into Blockchain

The registration for the UZH Summer School (4-23 July) – Deep Dive into Blockchain: Linking Economics, Technology and Law –…
Date: 23.03.2021
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Christian Ewerhart on the Future of Blockchains

Are cryptocurrencies and blockchains revolutionary or overhyped? Prof. Dr. Christian Ewerhart from the University of Zurich gives an answer to…
Date: 17.03.2021
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Deep Dive into Blockchain: sold out

Fantastic response to the upcoming UZH Summer School: Deep Dive into Blockchain: Linking Economics, Technology and Law, that far exceeded…
Date: 25.05.2020
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2nd International FinTech, InsurTech & Blockchain Forum

The International FinTech, InsurTech and Blockchain Forum is an international and interdisciplinary conference on the global phenomenon of the digitization of financial…
Date: 05.11.2019
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Claudio Tessone gives talk on Vienna Crypto-Monday

Prof. Dr. Claudio Tessone from the University of Zurich will give a talk at the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics, Vienna…
Date: 18.09.2018
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Blockchain @ Fraunhofer

Wolfgang Prinz has been one of the founders of the Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab ( and has been exploring the potential…
Date: 03.07.2018
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Great interest was shown for Blockchain seminar

From 17th until 19th of May in 2018 a joint blockchain seminar took place at University of Zurich. In total,…
Date: 19.05.2018
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