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DSF – DLT Science Foundation

The DLT Science Foundation was founded by Dr. Paolo Tasca and Nikhil Vadgama, two highly respected experts in the field of emerging technologies.

Dr. Tasca is a Professor at University College London digital economist specialising in distributed systems and is founder of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, one of the oldest and largest academic research centres in the blockchain field. He has served as a special advisor on blockchain technologies for numerous government and industry stakeholders in the world including the EU Parliament, the United Nations, and various central banks worldwide.

Nikhil Vadgama is Programme Director of Financial Technology at the Univeristy College London, Department of Computer Science. He is also the Deputy Director of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies. He has worked with global stakeholders from government, industry and central banks. His commercial experience spans numerous roles in the fintech, real estate and education sectors. Most recently he was Chief Data Officer of a new challenger bank called Twig.

The DLT Science Foundation drives the growth of distributed ledger technology in business and society by empowering education, innovation, and research through a network of academic and industry partners.