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Incentivizing Data Quality in Blockchains for Inter-Organizational Networks – Learning from the Digital Car Dossier

Recent research reports the need for consistent incentives in blockchain-based systems. Inthis study, we investigate how incentives for a blockchain-based inter-organizational network should bedesigned to ensure a high quality of data, exchanged and stored within the network. For this, we use twocomplementary methodological approaches: an Action Design Research approach in combination withagent-based modelling, and demonstrate, through the example of a real-world blockchain project, howsuch an incentive system may be modelled. The proposed incentive system features a rating mechanisminfluenced by measures of data correction. We evaluate the incentive system in a simulation to show howeffective the system is in terms of sustaining a high quality of data. Thus, the paper contributes to ourunderstanding of incentives in inter- organizational settings and, more broadly, to our understanding ofincentive mechanisms in blockchain economy.