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[Lecture Series HS21] Legally Recognizable DAOs: U.S. Legal Pathways, Personhood, and Open Questions


Prof. Carla Reyes (SMU Dedman School of Law)


This lecture will consider the emerging pathways in the United States for DAOs to achieve limited liability and recognition as a legal person through formal business organization.

The lecture will also explore related implications of autonomous corporate personhood for approaches to personhood in the context of artificial entities more broadly, and will pose open questions that merit further discussion and research.

Reading Material

— Autonomous Business Reality, 21 Nev. L.J. 437 (2021), available at

— Autonomous Corporate Personhood, forthcoming in the Washington Law Review, available at


Tuesday, 14th Dec. 2021

18:00 – 20:00

Online via Zoom

Zoom link will be visible to registered people


Prof. Carla Reyes

Professor Carla Reyes is an Assistant Professor of Law at SMU Dedman School of Law. Professor Reyes is an internationally recognized leader on issues raised by the intersection of business law (commercial and corporate) and emerging technology, such as blockchain technology. Professor Reyes serves as the Research Director for the Uniform law Commission’s Technology Committee, a member of Digital Asset Working Group of the Joint ALI/ULC Drafting Committee on the Uniform Commercial Code and Emerging Technologies, an Expert member of the UNIDROIT Work Group on Private Law and Digital Assets, and an Expert Member of the UNIDROIT Work Group on Best Practices for Effective Enforcement. A former Fulbright Scholar, Professor Reyes had the opportunity to pursue her research as a Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University from September 2017-August 2019. Professor Reyes also actively contributes to blockchain technology initiatives at the Stanford CodeX as a RegTrax Curator, MIT’s Cryptoeconomic Systems program, the University College London’s Blockchain Research Centre as a Research Associate, and the American Bar Association.


Time Speaker Event Title Presentations
18:00 -18:15Welcome & Introduction
18:15 -19:00Prof. Carla ReyesLegally Recognizable DAOs: U.S. Legal Pathways, Personhood, and Open Questions
19:00 -19:30Q&A
19:30 -20:00e-Apéro


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