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A Decentralized Ticketing Management Platform

Event tickets being sold in their electronic instances are subject to counterfeiting, profiteering, and black markets. Therefore, suitable service management mechanisms are required to overcome such deficits. This work designs, develops, and evaluates the approach of a Decentralized Ticketing platform—called DeTi—for managing the distribution of electronic event tickets and “regulating” the aftermarket. DeTi offers a dedicated service management functionality by operating through Smart Contracts of Ethereum, such that users can verify tickets’ validity for a given event. Especially, a new mechanism for users to detect fraudulent events is introduced, too. The evaluation performed indicates that DeTi invalidates or validates tickets efficiently via its decentralized and BC-based service management approach. By securing technically a set of underlying processes, DeTi obviates forging, replication, and scalping of tickets, allowing for a well-managed resale ecosystem of tickets based on and limited to the organizers’ initial pricing.