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Digital Currency Revolution or Involution?

[Lecture Series Spring ’24] | [Hybrid]

Dr Filippo Zatti serves as an Associate Professor of Economic Law at the prestigious University of Florence, where he is dedicated to bridging theoretical knowledge with practical advancements in the fields of business, economics, and law. With a wealth of academic experience, Dr Zatti has refined his expertise, particularly in navigating the intricate regulatory frameworks governing capital markets and banks. His career is driven by a profound passion for understanding and utilizing the transformative potential of distributed ledger technologies and artificial intelligence.

At the heart of Dr Zatti’s endeavours is BABEL, a Research Unit he leads and coordinates, which deeply investigates the outcomes of integrating advanced technologies across various sectors. This initiative facilitates meaningful dialogues and fosters interdisciplinary collaborations, aiming to provide a comprehensive view of how these technologies can redefine the future landscapes of business, law, and economics.

Dr Rosa Giovanna Barresi is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Economics and Management, focusing on the MSc in Accounting, Auditing, & Control at the University of Florence, Italy, since September 2023. She is also an associate member of BABEL – Blockchains and Artificial Intelligence for Business, Economics, and Law, at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Florence, since December 2020. Dr Barresi specializes in digital assets, contributing her expertise to the exploration of blockchain and artificial intelligence’s impact on business, economics, and law. Her involvement in BABEL reflects her commitment to advancing knowledge in digital assets, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and preparing future professionals to navigate the complexities of the digital economy.