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Point Zero Forum – Innovation Tour by University of Zurich

Tour Details

The Blockchain Center of the University of Zurich is a world-leading academic research centre analysing ongoing and forthcoming developments in the DLT world based on interdisciplinary perspectives. The four presentations of UZH professors shed light on the now burning technological, economic and legal issues in the tokenisation context and build the basis for a general discussion with the attendees and their experiences.

Speakers & Programme

International business law
Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies
12:45Intro & WelcomeProf. Rolf H. Weber
12:50 Systemic Risks in Tokenised DeFi Prof. Claudio J. TessoneDownload_a
13:05 Equity TokensProf. Christian EwerhartDownload
13:20Financial Inclusion Prof. Thorsten HensDownload
13:35Regulatory TaxonomyProf. Rolf H. WeberDownload
13:50General discussion