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Best paper award for Burkhard Stiller and his co-authors!

The paper on “Æternum: a Decentralized Voting System with Unconditional Privacy” by Christian Killer, Markus Knecht, Claude Müller, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder Scheid, Muriel Franco, Burkhard Stiller had received the Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in May 2021 (ICBC 2021) and was invited afterwards for an extended version to appear as a journal paper.

This new journal paper now appeared as an Early Access paper at with the IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, entitled as “Blockchain-Based Voting Considered Harmful?”, and it details the respective views of Christian Killer, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder John Scheid, Muriel F. Franco, and Burkhard Stiller on that question and its answers.