Prof. Dr. Claudio J. Tessone

Chairman & Academic Director

Claudio J. Tessone is Assistant Professor for Network Science at the University of Zurich since 2015, where he also serves as co-director of the University Priority Programme on Social Networks. His research interests focus on modelling and data analysis of complex socio-economic and techno-economic systems with more than 70 peer-review publications in diverse fields.

He has been doing research on cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related topics since 2013. With respect to the former, his interests lie on cryptocurrency analytics, the economics of cryptocurrencies, with a focus on the processes that lead to the centralisation of these, a priori, decentralised systems; therefore, a focal point of interest is the unveiling and understanding of the incentive schemes placed – many times unexpectedly in their design. With respect to blockchains, he studies the efficiency and scalability of consensus mechanisms, combining emulation of the platforms, complex-systems inspired modelling and real-world data analysis.

Since 2018, he serves as Chief Editor of the section on non-financial blockchains and interdisciplinary applications of the Journal “Frontiers in Blockchain”.

Research Topics

Related Publication

Research paper:

A Taxonomy of Blockchain Technologies: Principles of Identification and Classification

Authors: Paolo Tasca, Claudio J. Tessone

Ledger, 4 (2019) …

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The digital traces of bubbles: feedback cycles between socio-economic signals in the Bitcoin economy

Authors: David Garcia, Claudio J. Tessone, Pavlin Mavrodiev and Nicolas Perony

Journal of the Royal Society: Interface, pp. 20140623, vol. 11 (2014)  …

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Conference proceedings:

Mining blocks in a row: A statistical study of fairness in Bitcoin mining

Authors: Sheng-Nan Li, Zhao Yang, Claudio J. Tessone

2nd IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC 2020), Toronto, Canada, May 2020 …

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Incentivizing Data Quality in Blockchains for Inter-Organizational Networks – Learning from the Digital Car Dossier

Authors: Liudmila Zavolokina, Florian Spychiger, Claudio J. Tessone and Gerhard Schwabe

International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS 2018), San Francisco, USA, 12-16 December 2018. …

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Bitcoin Transaction Networks: an overview of recent results

Authors: Nicolò Vallarano, Claudio Tessone, Tiziano Squartini

arXiv:2005.00114 …

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Lightning Network: a second path towards centralisation of the Bitcoin economy

Authors: Jian-Hong Lin, Kevin Primicerio, Tiziano Squartini, Christian Decker, Claudio J.Tessone

arXiv:2002.02819 …

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Network-based indicators of Bitcoin bubbles

Authors: Alexandre Bovet, Carlo Campajola, Jorge F. Lazo, Francesco Mottes, Iacopo Pozzana, Valerio Restocchi, Pietro Saggese, Nicoló Vallarano, Tiziano Squartini, Claudio J. Tessone

arXiv:1805.04460 …

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