Deep Dive into Blockchain 2023 Gallery

The fourth edition of the UZH Summer School’s Deep Dive into Blockchain kicked off in a hybrid format!

We were thrilled to have welcomed students from all corners of the globe as they embarked on a three-week journey of discovery and innovation. The students had walked through an incredible experience, filled with expert-led sessions, interactive workshops, immersive hands-on activities, and lively collaborative discussions at the University of Zurich.


Over three enriching weeks of UZH Summer School Deep Dive into Blockchain 2023, we had the privilege of hosting over 40 esteemed academic and industry speakers from diverse locations, coming together both online and on-campus to impart cutting-edge blockchain knowledge. From the fundamental workings to the futuristic realms of blockchain applications, DeFi, metaverse, and DAO – we delved deep into the world of blockchain.

The enthusiasm and engagement from our students were truly overwhelming! Their thirst for knowledge led them to immerse themselves in the lectures and explore the potential of blockchain technologies. Witnessing their growth throughout this program has been an absolute joy.

Zug Trip

An amazing trip organized by the UZH Summer School Dive into Blockchain. The participants had the incredible opportunity to visit Zug, the renowned crypto valley of Switzerland. CV Labs – the heartbeat of this thriving crypto ecosystem, welcomed us and set the stage for an enlightening and eventful experience.

Landesmuseum Trip

We had an incredible tour of the Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum Zürich) during the UZH summer school – Deep Dive into Blockchain 2023. Our students had the privilege of witnessing and learning about the captivating Swiss history on a guided tour led by the museum Director Denise Tonella, Dr. Heidi Amrein (Curator) and Wanja Bont.  Dr Günhan Akarçay enlightened us about the immense potential of blockchain technology in shaping the future of digital and decentralised future.

Metaverse Trip

Online, On-Campus, everywhere: UZH Summer School 2023: Deep Dive into Blockchain in the Metaverse !
We delved into the fascinating world of blockchain through an engaging Metaverse experience curated by Improbable and their CPO Robert Whitehead. Thanks to The Metaverse Society for helping make this session possible.

We are humbled to share with our Community the outstanding conclusion of three weeks’ worth of extraordinary blockchain engagement, thanks to the participation of 70+ talented students representing 27 countries both onsite and online.
This incredible journey included a complete introduction to the complexities of blockchain technology, as participants delved deeply into its fundamental concepts from an interdisciplinary perspective, increasing their knowledge, awakening their critical thinking and applying them practically, all under the guidance of a unique range of lecturers from Academia and Industry.

The experience was enriched by exciting trips to influential Industry locations, offering unmatched insights into the cutting-edge of this dynamic field. As a result, the first-ever hybrid UZH Summer School Deep Dive into Blockchain 2023 was a genuinely inspiring achievement, only possible thanks to our participants’ collective enthusiasm and dedication.

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Our attentive students

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