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The aim of the Institute of Cryptoanarchy is to make tools available for the unrestricted dissemination of information on the Internet. We support parallel decentralized economies, cryptocurrencies, and other tools for the development of a free society in the 21st century. We deeply believe that censorship is not a phenomenon of a “distant dictatorial world”. States and their security forces globally control access to information. Under the pretense of protecting intellectual property, mass censorship is applied today and every day with one aim: to control the resources available. States process private mail and personal data at a global level, even though the European Court of Justice has ruled that such a directive (‘Data Retention Directive’) is unconstitutional. States and corporations collect and store data on everyone’s economic behavior. Through targeted legislation, they have gained full access to all payment transactions and purchasing habits.

The term cryptoanarchy denotes the growing environment of the unregulated area of the Internet, which through anonymizing tools allows unlimited data sharing. At the same time, through decentralized currencies such as bitcoin, it supports the development of the free market and ensures untraceable communication through encryption tools.