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Engineer - University of São Paulo (USP) 2012 – FAPESP Scholar. Master of Science in Business Administration (FEA - USP) 2015. PhD candidate in Engineering – IT management (POLI – USP) and currently also a PhD candidate visitor at UZH BDLT – University of Zurich, Switzerland (CAPES Scholar). In his PhD he focuses on DLT & Blockchain Governance and Interoperability for CBDCs. Founder of IThinker. Associate Researcher at UCL – CBT London, Expert member from the Digital Euro Association (DEA). Accomplished part of his undergrad at the Ohio State University (OSU) 2010 - United States being a CAPES / FIPSE scholar. Brazilian ambassador officially representing USP and Brazil during the "11th International Students Summit on Food, Agriculture and Environment in the New Century" (Tokyo Japan) 2011. Participated in the United Nations Model at (UN) headquarters in New York city (2016) and was a member from the Youth Brazilian delegation during the Public Forum from The World Trade Organization (WTO) 2016. Has work experience in the financial markets, both at private bank and national infrastructure payment systems. Among his experiences there are: risk management, internal auditing, corporate governance, IT auditing and IT governance in the financial industry. He holds COBIT and DPO (EXIN) certifications. Certified ISO 31.000 until 2019.

Research interests:
Interoperability, DLT strategy. CBDC Interoperability Governance, IT Governance, Web 3, CBDC, Tokenization, Blockchain (and DLTs) Governance