Tutorial on Minting and Transferring the Season’s Greetings NFT

1. Install MetaMask wallet

Steps 1 & 2

1.1 Install wallet

MetaMask is one of the most popular Ethereum wallets, it is used
as a plugin in the web browser. It can be installed in multiple
browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft
Edge, Opera, and Brave, and can also be installed on
Smartphones with both Android and IOS operating systems. There
is a video that introduces what is the MetaMask.
In this guideline, we are going to walk through the steps to install
MetaMask on the Google Chrome browser. We assume that you
did not install MetaMask before, but if you have installed
MetaMask, please follow the instructions from section 2 ‘Mint
Season’s greetings card NFTs’.

Step 3

Step 1: Go to https://MetaMask.io/download/

Step 2: Find and click the button ‘Install MetaMask for Chrome’,
you will be directed to the Chrome Web Store.

Step 3: Click ‘Add Extension’, then MetaMask will be installed as a
plugin in your Google Chrome. The icon will appear in the top-right corner of the browser window.

Step 4: Click ‘Get Started’ and then you can either choose ‘No
thanks’ or ‘I agree’ to let MataMask gather some user data.

Step 4

1.2 Create an account

Step 1: Click ‘Create a Wallet’, and you will be prompted to create a new password.

Step 2: Input your password, and accept the Terms of use, click ‘Create’.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Step 3: Watch the video about the secret recovery phrase and how
to keep your wallet safe, then click the ‘Next’ button.

Step 4: Click the shadow part to reveal secret words. There you will see a 12-word seed phrase.

This is very important and usually not a good idea to store digitally, so take your time and write it down. Click the ‘Next’ button after you write down the mnemonic words.

Step 5: Verify your secret phrase by selecting the previously generated phrase in order, finally click ‘Confirm’. Congrats, now you have installed your MetaMask wallet successfully, and you can find it in the upper right corner of the browser. There is an address created automatically for you in the MetaMask after installing it, you can click the box to copy your address.

Step 4
Step 5

The steps presented above for setting up a Metamask account are explained in this walkthrough video as well

2. Mint Season’s greetings card NFTs

2.1 Visit the UZH-NFT-2022 website

Visit the UZH-NFT-2022 website, your MetaMask wallet will try to connect to this website. A pop-up window will appear, please select an address that you want to use in this project if you have multiple addresses, you can also create a new address by clicking ‘New account’ and choosing it later. Click ‘Next’ to go to the next page, then click the ‘Connect’ button, your MetaMask wallet will connect to our network named UZHETHPoS.

  • Note: Your MetaMask wallet uses the same private key and Ethereum addresses on all the networks it connects to. However, your Ethereum address’s balance on each Ethereum network will be different. For example, you have 2 UZETHs in the UZHETHPoS network, but you still do not have real ethers on the mainnet.

Next, you need to approve the network information and add it to MetaMask by clicking the ‘Approve’ button.

By default, the MetaMask wallet will connect to the Ethereum Mainnet when you install it. Now we will switch the network from the mainnet to our UZHETHPoS network by clicking the ‘Switch network’ button. Still, you can switch to the mainnet or testnets, but please switch back to the UZHETHPoS network when you want to view your Season’s greetings card NFTs or send them to others.

Note: If the website https://uzh-nft-2022.ch/ does not respond, saying “Connecting to Wallet”, and you have followed all the steps above, please reload the website.

2.2 Receiving some UZETHs and an access token

UZETHs is the symbol of cryptocurrency of our UZHETHPoS network, you can transfer UZETHs to other addresses or use it to pay the transaction fee on this blockchain. We need to get some UZHETHs first, just wait for a moment after switching the network to UZHETHPoS, and then our smart contract in the website backend will send 2.022 UZETHs and an access token to your wallet address, you will see that the balance in your wallet has changed to 2.022.

The access token you received, is used to let the website know if you mint the NFTs or not, the access token will be burned after you mint the NFTs, and without the access token, you can not mint NFTs again.

2.3 Contributing to NFTs

Click the ‘Create your star’ button on the website.

You can design your own Season’s greetings card NFTs by choosing the shapes and colours of your star, or clicking ‘Random’ to generate a star.

After you think it is good enough, click the ‘Save to blockchain’ button, a pop-up window will show up and then again click ‘confirm’. This action means that you issued a transaction that is calling our smart contract to mint 5 NFTs for you and burn your access token.

In the meantime, you will see a pending transaction in your wallet under the ‘Activity’ tab, and after a while, this transaction will be confirmed on the blockchain. Your NFTs are minted successfully when you see the date which is in green colour as shown in the
screenshot below.

3. December 13: Receive and View your NFT Stars

On 13 December, you will receive a link to a star gallery website where you can see your 5 NFTs with your star in the middle, surrounded by random stars from other UZH contributors.

In order to identify your NFTs, it’s essential that the star gallery website can connect to your Metamask wallet. So please do not remove/uninstall the Metamask wallet.

4. Import or Save the NFT in Metamask

Step 1: Launch the browser and open metamask

Step 2: Log in to your metamask wallet.

Step 3: After login, if the user is on a different network, switch the network to UZHETHPoS, by clicking on the Ethereum Network on top and then moving to UZHETHPoS.

Steps 1 & 2
Step 3

Step 4: Then under the balance screen, we can see import tokens as shown in the below screen.

Step 4

Step 5: Then the user sees a pop-up like this.

Step 6: Fill in the NFT Token Address 0x3EE02CCC4Ac0874B691687CeC8792F163d6427d1. Token Symbol is usually automatically populated as `UXN`, and the token decimals must be manually filled with 0. It will not provide the token decimals as shown in the image.

Step 7: Upon clicking on `Add custom token`, you can see the import tokens confirmation page, as shown in the below image.

Step 8: After clicking on the `import tokens`, you can see in the balance screen that the tokens show up based on the amount of tokens you have. As I have 5 NFTs, I can see 5 UXN.

Step 7
Step 8

5. Seeing the user’s NFT

Step 1: Launch the website `https://uzh-nft-2022.ch/nft` in the browser with metamask wallet. As shown in the image, it shows the metamask login pop-up if it was not logged in earlier.

Step 2: If the user is on a different network, the browser pop-up asks to switch the network.

Step 3: Upon Switching networks, if the user possesses NFTs, they would see a screen as shown in the image.

Step 3

Step 4: If the user does not own any NFTs then they see the below screen:

Step 4

6. Transfer your NFT to others

This follows the same steps as aforementioned in Section 5 “Seeing the user’s NFTs“. Upon seeing your NFTs:

Step 1: You can see a “send” button under every NFT as shown in the image.

Step 2: Upon clicking the “send” button, it navigates to a new page.

Step 2

Step 3: Enter the address of the user to whom you want to send your NFT. Please confirm the address before sending the NFT, as the transaction cannot be reversed.

Step 4: After entering the address and clicking on the “send NFT” button, it launches a metamask pop-up which has to be confirmed, which ideally makes a transaction on the blockchain. Make your transfer by clicking on the “Confirm” button.

Step 4

Step 5: If the transaction goes through successfully, then you might receive a pop-up on the top as shown below. To view the pop-up dialog box, make sure your browser allows pop-ups.

Step 5

You have successfully sent the Season’s Greetings NFT.