Toward a Policy-based Blockchain Agnostic Framework

Eder Scheid, Bruno Rodrigues, Burkhard Stiller

2019 IFIP/IEEE Symposium on Integrated Network and Service Management (IM), Arlington, VA, USA, 2019, pp. 609-613.


Blockchain technology is developing at a rapid pace. For consumers that are only interested in simplifying processes and reducing costs by using a blockchain solution a new problem has occurred. It is not only necessary to select the appropriate solution, but also to configure and operate considering blockchain interoperability with different chains. For the industry, there is a need for solutions based on open standards. This paper proposes a Policy-based Blockchain Agnostic Framework that not only connects different blockchains but also facilitates their configuration and operation. Moreover, a case study is presented considering the cold-chain supply-chain, where each actor defines its policies based on blockchain requirements.