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The Technical University of Munich

At the Technical University of Munich, people, society and nature are at the centre of their actions. They set the highest performance standards in research, teaching and innovation. They cultivate a culture of openness, appreciation and diversity. They are curious about the future and shape the change in society. In 2019, TUM received the title of “Excellence University” for the third time. With the associated funding, they can now implement the future concept: the TUM Agenda 2030. To ensure that they continue to be so successful in the future, they are implementing an innovation-promoting structural reform. 15 faculties become seven schools, which are connected to each other via Integrative Research Institutes.

equal opportunity

A non-discriminatory, appreciative university culture is essential to them and is actively promoted.


With research, teaching, innovation and change based on their own example, they contribute to the world’s sustainable development.


Their scientific creativity benefits from transparency, integrity and ethical values.


They promote the well-being of the students and employees with sports facilities, advisory services and courses.