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Partisia Blockchain

Partisia Blockchain is a unique combination of a high performance blockchain that functions as a bedrock for efficient, scalable and robust orchestration of MPC. This combination of blockchain and MPC technologies provide an optimal foundation for native privacy-preserving applications. A core part of the infrastructure is the MPC based Oracle utilizing the co-founder Sepior’s MPC based key management solution. In combination with staking, the MPC Oracle plays a key role in seamless transfer of crypto assets across blockchains. This enables the use of any liquid coin as means of payment on the Partisia Blockchain and as reward to node operators. It also plays a core role in cross chain orchestrated value transfer across blockchains initially tested by the co-founder Insights Network.

Partisia Blockchain project is managed and launched by the independent Swiss Foundation – Partisia Blockchain Foundation – supervised by Swiss regulators.


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