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Corinne Zellweger-Gutknecht is a professor of private law, corporate and commercial law at the University of Basel and a professor of private law, financial market and monetary law at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences. Besides, she teaches monetary law at the University of Zurich Faculty of Law. Corinne researches in the fields of monetary, currency and central banking law, and interdisciplinary issues between private and financial market law. She is particularly interested in the influence of digitization on public as well as private money, payment systems and the financial market, and the registration of crypto currencies in private, insolvency and currency law. Corinne serves an adviser to authorities such as the Confederation, BIS, SNB and FINMA. Her ongoing research concerns predominantly the area of monetary law, cybercurrencies and digital legal tender. Among others she is leading a study on the admissibility of euro banknotes under the ECB Legal Research Programme 2020.

Research interests:
Holdings, Cryptocurrency; Central Banks, Legal Framework for Issuance, Transfers and Insolvency Situations Regarding Digital Assets

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