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Ingrid Bauer is a Phd Student at the Information Management Research Group at the University of Zurich since November 2017.  Her research focuses on blockchain business models and data markets. Ingrid worked on the innosuisse cardossier research project. She led the definition of the cardossier project’s business model for the used car market and worked on the design of the cardossier data market. She also acted as the Scrum master for the development team. Today, she is driving research activities in the resale workstream of the cardossier association. Ingrid holds a BSc in information engineering and management from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and an MSc in information systems from the Copenhagen Business School. Before her studies at UZH, Ingrid worked as Technology Consultant at PwC Germany.

Research interests:
(Blockchain) Datamarkets, Cryptocurrency Economics, Blockchain Business Models