The UZH Blockchain Center offers continuously a wide variety of events targeted to Academia, Industry and their intersection

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17 May | [Hybrid] KOL-F-117,

[Lecture Series FS22] Creating Digital Property Rights Using Blockchain

Prof. Dr. Co-Pierre Georg (University of Cape Town) ...


25 Apr | [Hybrid] AND-4-53,

[Seminar Series FS22] One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch: Transaction DoS in MimbleWimble Blockchains

Seyed Ali Tabatabaee(University of British Columbia) ...


29 Mar | Online via Zoom

[Lecture Series FS22] Transaction Dynamics of Blockchain and Predictable Bitcoin Bubbles

Prof. Didier Sornette (ETH Zurich) ...


14 Feb | Online Via Zoom

[Seminar Series FS22] DLT Network Risks

Asger Balle Pedersen ...


08 Feb | Online via Zoom

[Lecture Series FS22] Economic Implications of Scaling Blockchains

Prof. Fahad Saleh (Wake Forest University) ...


14 Dec | Online via Zoom

[Lecture Series HS21] Legally Recognizable DAOs: U.S. Legal Pathways, Personhood, and Open Questions

Prof. Carla Reyes (SMU Dedman School of Law) ...


13 Dec | Hybrid

[IOTA Workshop] IOTA: a Lightweight Alternative to Blockchain for the Internet of Things

Luigi Vigneri & Andreas Penzkofer & Olivia Saa ...


02 Dec | 8400 Winterthur


Was steckt hinter dem Phänomen NFT? Dieser Frage wollen wir am 02. Dezember in der Aula in Winterthur im Rahmen der Expertengruppe Blockchain Techno...


26 Oct | RAI-F041

[Industry talk–Accenture] Central Bank Digital Currencies

Katrin Koller & Petar Zelic ...


19 Oct | Online Lecture

[Lecture Series HS21] Blockchain, Finance Industry

Prof. Monica Singer ...


21 Sep | Online Lecture

[Lecture Series HS21] Smart Contracts: Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Frameworks

Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber (UZH) & Prof. Dr. Pınar Çağlayan Aksoy (Bilkent University)& Prof. Dr. Marco Dell’Erba (UZH) ...


08 Jun | Online Lecture

[Lecture Series FS21] Two blockchain scenarios: Agriculture index insurance and supply chain finance

Prof. Dr. Fangfang Tang (Peking University) ...


01 Jun | Online Via Zoom

[Seminar Series FS21] Entscheidungshilfen für den Blockchaineinsatz in der Verwaltung

Dr. Liudmila Zavolokina, Florian Spychiger, Benjamin Lehmann ...


18 May | Online Lecture

[Lecture Series FS21] Smart Contracts in Construction

Prof. Dr. Daniel Hall & Jens Juri Hunhevicz (ETH) ...


27 Apr | Online Via Zoom

[Seminar Series FS21] New Legal Framework for DLT-Business Models

Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber (UZH) ...


20 Apr | Online Lecture

[Lecture Series FS21] Don’t forget the people! Self-organising communities and the crypto

Dr. Andrea Baronchelli (City University of London) ...


23 Mar | Online Via Zoom

[Lecture Series FS21] Decentralized Autonomous Risk Transfer on the Blockchain

Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun & Niklas Häusle  ...


23 Feb | Via Zoom

[Lecture Series FS21] Towards ethical machines – the AI contribution

Prof. Abrahan Bernstein (UZH) and Suzanne Tolmeijer ...


23 Feb | Online/Trust Square

Overview: Lecture Series-Autumn 2020

The Lecture Series is an academic programme of the UZH Blockchain Center to delve into new research ideas and results, and encourage interaction of i...


15 Dec | Via Zoom

[Lecture Series HS20] The Limits of Smart Contracts

Dr. Jens Frankenreiter,  Columbia Law School ...


01 Dec | Via Zoom

[Lecture Series HS20] Central Bank Digital Currencies

Dr. Thomas Moser, Swiss National Bank ...


17 Nov | Via Zoom

[Lecture Series HS20] Tokenization: From Crypto Assets to Euro-on-Blockchain

Once the financial infrastructure is created for more effective value transfers, many positive spill-over effects will follow. This lecture explains ...


09 Nov | UZH RAA-G-01

Auf dem Weg zu neuen digitalen Geldordnungen

UZH - URPP Financial Market Regulation - Public Events 2020 (in German) Meeting of the URPP Financial Market Regulation together with the Center for ...


27 Oct | Online via Zoom

UZH Blockchain Center’s Academia meets Industry

The UZH Blockchain Center invites you to the first event in the new series in which leading practitioners in the area of Blockchain are invited to sh...


29 Sep | UZH/Zoom

3rd UZH Blockchain Center Meet-up

We are happy to announce that we will host a 3rd UZH BC Center Meet-up. The goal of this meet-up is to bring together researchers from the University...


24 Jul | Online course

Summer School: Deep Dive into Blockchain–Linking Economics, Technology and Law

This online summer school program will give you a complete immersion into the topic of blockchain from world-leading experts and practitioners in the...


21 Jul | Online Lecture

[Lecture Series FS2020] Shadow Central Banking

Prof. Dr. Marco Dell'Erba, University of Zurich ...


30 Jun | Online Lecture

A network view of cryptocurrencies: the Bitcoin case-study [Lecture Series FS2020]

Prof. Dr. Tiziano Squartini (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca) ...


09 Jun | Online

Digital money and central bank digital currency [Lecture Series FS2020]

Prof. Dr. Dirk Niepelt (University of Bern) ...


14 May | UZH RAA-G01

Swiss Symposium Blockchain Research

A full-day scientific programme, with the widest representation of Swiss institutions. Our goal is to connect practitioners with cutting edge researc...


19 Feb | UZH KOL-E-21

State of Cryptoeconomics Research[Lecture Series FS2019]

Dr Shermin Voshmgir (Vienna University of Economics and Business) ...