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Ethereum Zurich Conference + Hackathon

14-16 April 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland


We’re bringing the Ethereum community to the most crypto-friendly country and the cradle of blockchain research!

Zürich is one of the last European cities that hasn’t had a major Ethereum-focused event despite its evident importance and the fact it’s home to numerous blockchain & Ethereum startups.

The event is both a hackathon and a conference, hosted at UZH – University of Zürich and co-organized by UZH Blockchain Center. We’ve prepared talks in the following tracks: Ethereum community, VMs & blockchain execution, Data availability, ZKP, Cryptography & Cyber security.


Similar to the conference, the hackathon aims to support the local crypto-friendly community, connect it with industry professionals and creation of new beneficial projects under the guidance of world-class judges, mentors and advisors.

The capacity of the hackathon will be approximately 200 hackers and fields of interest will be mainly from the following areas: Ethereum development, Virtual machines and blockchain execution, Zero-knowledge proofs, Data availability & security, Cryptography & academic research. The exact tracks will be announced a few weeks before the hackathon.

The hackathon will take place in an offline form only in order to ensure the best possible networking and cooperation. Voting on the quality of individual projects will not only be up to dedicated judges but will also be decided by the hackathon participants through quadratic voting. Hackathon is organized by UTXO Foundation.


University of Zurich, Switzerland


We have pre-booked the following hotels, each one of them is a little bit different in style and price:

B2 Hotel

It’s in a renovated old brewery building and it takes 15 min to get there via car, 25 min public transport. All you need to do is write an email to and mention code ETHereumZurich.

You can choose from the following:

  • Boutique double room 370/420 CHF per night
  • Deluxe double room 430/475 CHF per night
    • price depends on single/double occupancy

Acasa Suites

Modern hotel located 18min away from the event space, 30min by public transport. You can reserve your room directly at their website. Just use ETHereumZurich as a booking code. All the prices are there too.

Hotel Josef

Small lovely hotel near the main train station. It’s 12min away from the event space by car or 22min by public transport. You can rent their single/double Wispy room for 150/165 CHF per night. Just write an email to and use the code ETHereumZurich.

Youth Hostel Zurich

If you are looking for something more coin friendly we have booked a few rooms at a local youth hostel. You can choose from double rooms or from a room with four beds. It takes 17min via car or 35min via public transport to get to the event space. If you are interested write an email to and mention our code ETHereumZurich.

Prices are as follow:

  • double bed room for 111/158 CHF per night
    • single/double occupancy
  • four bed room for 60 CHF per person per night

We’re sure you will love the options we’ve prepared for you!


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