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International Summer School- Deep Dive into Blockchain 2024

Course Description

This summer school programme will give you a complete immersion into blockchain from world-leading experts and practitioners at Europe’s No. 1 university in Blockchain education (ranking by CoinDesk 2022 and 2021). Blockchain-based systems, with cryptocurrencies as the most prominent example, have disrupted and reshaped how we now think about digital finance and other similar applications, such as supply chains. Blockchain and related technologies allow the storage of sequential, trustful information without enforced consensus by central authorities or trustees.

For a full understanding of Blockchain, with all its implications and potential for application in practice, it is crucial to look at it from a multidisciplinary perspective. This is exactly what the UZH Blockchain Center offers during the three weeks of this course: you will understand the three key pillars of blockchain systems, namely the technology, the economics and the legal aspects behind it. Building on this, we will explore other application fields, such as forensics and data analytics.

The course is taught by different professors and lecturers from UZH and other leading universities worldwide, as well as top practitioners from various fields.

Further, the program is highly interactive, with hands-on practice sessions incorporating the most advanced and promising blockchain-based platforms.

This program will also be available for online participation. If you would like to attend the program virtually, please note the information regarding online participation on this webpage.

Read here about the 2023 program of Deepdive into Blockchain!

*UZH students please consult the UZH Course Catalogue for more information on how to apply to this module.

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Key Information

Course Organizers

Course Director,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Informatics,
University of Zurich
Research Associate,
Department of Business Administration,
University of Zurich
Networking & Public Relations Manager, UZH Blockchain Center
Support / Social Media Manager,
Research Assistant,
Department of Informatics, University of Zurich


Lecturer on Business Models, UZH
Lecturer on Blockchain Technology
Lecturer on Financial Markets, UZH
Senior Research Associate
Senior Research Associate
Senior Research Associate


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