Prof. Dr. Christian Ewerhart

Steering Committee

Christian Ewerhart has been professor at the Department of Economics of the University of Zurich since 2003. He has published in journals such as the Rand Journal of Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, Economic Theory, and the Journal of Banking and Finance. Research interests include game theory, information and contract economics, and financial applications. Professor Ewerhart has served as a consultant to central banks and other major financial institutions. Since 2013, he has been organizing the annual OLIGO workshop. More recently, Professor Ewerhart has been elected a member of the Steering Committee of the UZH Blockchain Center.

Research Topics

Related Publication

Research paper:

Finite blockchain games

Authors: Christian Ewerhart

Economics Letters 197 (2020) …

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Ethereum Gas Price Statistics

Authors: David Carl, Christian Ewerhart

University of Zurich, Department of Economics, Working Paper No. 373, 2020 …

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Related Presentation

  • “Smart contract oracles,” October 2019, presentation to financial sector representatives of Thailand visiting the University of Zurich
  • “Implementing central bank digital currency,” April 2020, Humboldt University, Berlin

Related Teaching

  • Seminar in Information and Contract Economics (3 ECTS, Seminar, MA-level)
  • Vertrags- und Informationsökonomik (6 ECTS, Lecture, BA-level, in German)
  • Blockchain Lecture Series (3 ECTS, Seminar, PhD-level)
  • Summer School: “Deep Dive into Blockchain”

Related Project

  • Blockchain Presence. This project was initiated in February 2019 by Prof. Ewerhart with the goal of conceptualizing a smart-contract oracle for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Students participating in this project have been assigned to four different teams: (i) strategy, (ii) development, (iii) marketing, and (iv) accounting, taxes & legal. Coordinated through regular meetings, the spring 2019 team has developed a prototype of a secure, cost-efficient Ethereum based platform solution. Present efforts aim at further developing the existing oracle prototype into a revenue-generating product. Specific tasks include the optimization of the user experience for the senders and receivers, and the preparation of a product launch scheduled for the early summer of 2020.